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Discounting and Quoting with QuoteCX

May 2, 2023


Last week, we talked about the extensive configuration capabilities of QuoteCX and how its functionality provides a solid foundation for the ScaleFluidly unified commerce platform. Configuring product prices in QuoteCX is simple and effective and gives users the ability to calculate complex pricing information behind the scenes, without giving away any proprietary data.

But what about the quote itself? The tool is called QuoteCX, after all, and its capabilities are just as helpful to a business’s customers as they are to its employees. Take a step out from behind the scenes to explore how QuoteCX helps businesses make good first, second, and hundredth impressions on their customers.

Transparent pricing and discounting

Transparency is paramount in selling. Market research shows that consumers are increasingly uninterested in discounts, caring more about the value and benefits they will receive from a product than its cost. B2B buyers are especially interested in transparent pricing information about cost, highlighting ease of access to pricing as one of the major factors in whether or not they will purchase from a company.

QuoteCX’s precise discount management makes it easy for sales reps to show customers the factors affecting their price as they create a quote. Discounts can be managed at the quote and line level, automatically incorporating changes based on factors like:

Volume of product

Contract agreements

Government regulations

Bundles and grouped deals

Sales and one-time discounts

The calculations still happen behind the scenes but showing the customer how the price changes and why, in real time, builds invaluable trust between sales reps, their business, and their customers. Plus, having configuration rules in place eliminates human error, making sure the price the customer sees during discussion will always match their official quote—and that just looks good.

Maintaining consistency with configuration and templates

Looking good isn’t just about aesthetics in the business world. A company’s reputation is consistently ranked as its most important asset and one of the key factors in its future growth. This is true across the market but especially in B2B selling, where word-of-mouth is the number one most effective form of marketing.

So, how does a quoting tool like QuoteCX help build your brand image? It all comes down to consistency. QuoteCX’s easy configuration and pricing tools ensure the price the customer sees is the price the customer gets. Beyond that, QuoteCX features template and branding functionality that lets sales reps create sleek, stylish quotes and estimates that are visually appealing and easy to understand.

QuoteCX functionality like this doesn’t just make a business look good visually. Per Forbes, brand consistency can increase revenue up to 23 percent. QuoteCX templates ensure the kind of consistency across documentation and communication that builds trust, builds awareness, and builds authority.


A strong foundation is a great start, but QuoteCX doesn’t shirk on making a good impression. By making pricing and quoting more transparent and ensuring consistent branding, QuoteCX gives companies control over their information without sacrificing their image.

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