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Behind the Scenes: Product Configuration and Pricing with QuoteCX

April 25, 2023


QuoteCX is built with a lot of included functionality. Every other module in the ScaleFluidly platform will be built to run on QuoteCX’s back and that means incorporating a lot of baseline features in one place. But even with that responsibility, QuoteCX’s functions are designed to be simple and effective, letting users with any level of technical experience use them easily and efficiently.

It all starts behind the scenes, in how QuoteCX manages configuration, pricing, and automation. Let’s explore some of QuoteCX’s basic functionality and how it can improve life for sales reps and business owners.

Configuring product and services catalogs

For most businesses, the sales process begins not with the customer, but with their product or service. Customer experience is obviously an important part of the equation, but one of the most impactful parts of that experience will come from their happiness with the product or service they’ve purchased. That impact is especially felt in B2B sales, where 65% of a company’s business comes from repeat customers.

QuoteCX puts product and service information at the center of the quoting process, through easy-to-use product and service catalogs. These digital catalogs hold the basic pricing information for every product and service a company provides, all in one place.

Users can use QuoteCX’s configuration tools to:

Create dependent prices, making it easy to update all the products in a catalog at once.

Easily search, filter, sort, and bundle products and services.

This single source of truth not only makes it easy to configure and update pricing information, it also protects against data loss from employee turnover and creates a more secure home for proprietary product and service data.

Improving price accuracy and customer experience with automation

QuoteCX makes it easier to protect important pricing data while letting sales reps obtain necessary approvals from others while providing valuable information to customers. Automating approvals and discounting not only reduces the risk of mistakes and revenue loss, it also improves employee and customer experience by refocusing their time from obtaining approvals to building relationships.

Using QuoteCX’s automated approvals and discounting, users can:

Easily submit quotes and estimates to the right person, letting them quickly obtain appropriate approvals.

Manage discounts at the quote and line level in real-time, during discussion with clients.

Incorporate regulatory and commercial rules automatically, so that users don’t make compliance mistakes.

With pricing and discount information preloaded, sales reps can show their customers relevant information on certain prices and discounts without risk of error or giving away the calculations going on behind the scenes. Accountants or decision-makers can create pre-existing discount rules, making it easy for sales reps to apply discounts while adhering to company policy or industry regulations.


By putting product and service information at the center of the quoting process, QuoteCX makes it easy to calculate complex prices while maintaining data security and pricing accuracy. Configuring price calculations and automating approvals gives companies full control of their behind-the-scenes information, so front-facing factors like quotes and estimates deliver 100 percent accurate data.

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