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Simplify and speed up your sales experience

Scale revenue, reduce operational costs, save time, and improve efficiency with ScaleFluidly.


Transform the buying and selling of complex products and services with QuoteCX.

Simplify the quoting process for sales reps and generate professional quotes in minutes.

Collaborate with colleagues to increase conversion rates.

Eliminate pricing errors and siloed information.

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The complete solution for your quoting needs. QuoteCX includes ConfigureCX and PriceCX packages to turn your sales reps into selling machines, accelerating revenue growth and customer satisfaction:

Key features

Key features


Streamline pricing and discounts and save time with easy-to-manage item grouping.


Boost sales team efficiency and close deals faster by allowing sales reps to work together on configurations and quotes.

Version Control

Ensure accurate pricing and quoting by managing and tracking quote versions with precision.

Approval Workflow

Control rogue discounting by establishing approval criteria based on deal guidance.

Quote Templates

Create polished, branded quote templates with consistent formatting, product details, and visually captivating outputs.

Partner Portal

Strengthen partner relationships with a centralized platform for accessing quotes, collaborating with the sales team, and streamlining the quoting process.


Take customization to the next level with our user-friendly yet powerful AdminCX console. Effortlessly manage users, permissions, product offerings, pricing configuration, approvals, and more to put you in the driver’s seat of your sales process.

User Management

Create and edit users, group them, and assign role-based permissions such as Read, Read & Write, and Delete at a quote or quote line-item level.

Application Management

Tailor application properties such as quote format, versions, and types to meet unique requirements. Modify application layout including field visibility and arrangement to enhance user experience.

Product Offerings

Create and manage product catalog by categorizing products, setting up bundles and options, defining pricing structures, and enforcing pricing and product configuration rules.


Equip sales reps with actionable deal guidance recommendations to effectively close deals. Establish approval criteria to ensure pricing accuracy and maximize deal profitability.


Enable seamless international experience by effortlessly managing multiple languages and currencies.

Data Management

Enhance data management capabilities by importing and exporting datasets and templates to be assigned to users based on roles.

Why QuoteCX

Why QuoteCX

With QuoteCX, you'll gain the power to streamline your sales and revenue operations, accurately capture revenue across all channels, and quickly adapt to market changes. Modern businesses require modern quoting solutions, so take control of your quoting process today with QuoteCX and experience a new level of efficiency and growth.


Discover how simple product setup can be while managing complex product configurations. Configure product bundles with ease, ensuring valid combinations of products and services within a few clicks. Bolster your sales team by automating complexities and allowing collaboration on opportunities. Accelerate sales cycles and give your customers exactly what they want, every time.

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  • Eliminate costly errors by ensuring accurate product bundling and configuration with ConfigureCX.
  • Collaborate seamlessly to maintain consistent and accurate configurations.
  • Automatically select best-fitting products for customer needs with Guided Selling.
  • Empower sales teams to confidently offer customized solutions with ease and precision.

Key features

Key features

Product Catalog Configuration

Easily search, filter, and sort through products and services to be added to the quote.

Guided Selling

Effortlessly present customers with perfect solutions by intelligently selecting best-fitting products with qualifying questions.

Instant Price Determination

View updated totals and subtotals instantly after each configuration change.


Provide seamless integration with any type of CPQ and/or commerce solution by leveraging our composable architecture.

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Comfortably establish product bundling, options, pricebooks and logical rules to ensure accurate and efficient quoting processes.

Why ConfigureCX

Why ConfigureCX

Product configurations can get complicated, we know. ConfigureCX gives you the ability to effortlessly manage product bundling, options, and configuration rules in one intuitive platform. Take control of your sales process, reduce setup time, and eliminate errors with a cutting-edge configuration engine.


Maintain your competitive advantage by ensuring accurate pricing and maximizing profit across all channels. Say goodbye to manual pricing errors, pricing inconsistencies, and revenue leakage with automated pricing calculations. Expand your global presence by accommodating multiple currencies as well as various languages.

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  • Streamline implementation of pricing strategies and boost profitability with PriceCX.
  • Empower your sales team and reduce manual errors with automated pricing and discount management.
  • Tackle pricing complexities head-on and ensure accurate and competitive pricing every time.
  • Maximize revenue potential and customer satisfaction with flexible and personalized solutions.

Key features

Key features

Pricing Flexibility

Empower your sales team with freedom to offer multiple pricing models, from one-time purchases to recurring subscriptions.

Commercial Rules

Ensure accurate pricing, terms, and other critical commercial considerations through rule-based automation.

Precise Discount Management

Manage discounts at the quote and line level and ensure accurate pricing based on volume, contract agreements, and more.

ERP Pricing Frameworks

Leverage your ERP pricing frameworks from SAP, Oracle, and others into your CPQ solutions and/or commerce solutions.


Provide seamless integration with any type of ERP, CPQ and/or commerce solution by leveraging our composable architecture.

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Unlock the power of automated pricing by effortlessly managing pricing models, pricing rules, pricing types, and discounts.

Why PriceCX

Why PriceCX

Drive profitability within your business by addressing pricing complexities with ease. With PriceCX, you can easily manage complex pricing structures and discount management processes, along with competitive pricing intelligence to gain insights into market trends and quickly adapt to market changes.

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