ScaleFluidly's Unified Commerce Platform Gives Companies The Power To Scale

Cary, NC, January 23, 2023—Today, ScaleFluidly announced the launch of unified quoting platform QuoteCX, a flagship product designed to empower small and mid-sized businesses to focus on customer experience by streamlining and automating the quoting process.

“Just a 5-10 percent increase in revenue can change lives for small business owners and employees,” says ScaleFluidly CEO Vinay Toomu. He has witnessed first-hand how digital CPQ technologies improve productivity and efficiency, but many of these tools are inaccessible to smaller companies. Current quoting technologies seem cumbersome and expensive to implement or integrate, and often feature a poor user experience.

Based on these experiences, ScaleFluidly is dedicated to democratizing enterprise-grade sales tools for small-to-midsized companies by helping them benefit from advancements in modern technology. ScaleFluidly's QuoteCX levels the playing field by consolidating the many functions of a CPQ process into one platform, providing enterprise-grade capabilities and consumer grade UX at a decreased total cost of ownership.

QuoteCX can be implemented in as little as a week and requires no training to use. Simply plug in product data, configure business rules, and salespeople can start quoting with ease across multiple channels, including Inside Sales, Tiered Partners, Distributors, and eCommerce. It gives companies of all sizes the ability to sell products and services, capture revenue, and consolidate reporting accurately across all channels.

“We're in business to help companies attain sales nirvana by simplifying sales experiences and helping scale revenue.”

– Vinay Toomu, CEO & Founder of ScaleFluidly

QuoteCX's easy-to-use configurator and easily configurable rules engine makes complex pricing and quoting easy. Users can configure specific price catalogs, multiple complex bundles, group discounts; price according to customer specifics and contract terms; and quote using sleek, customizable templates, version control, and collaboration tools.

By taking the stress out of quoting, QuoteCX empowers salespeople to focus on what's important: building meaningful relationships with their clients. For more information visit

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ScaleFluidly is in business to level the playing field for small to mid-sized businesses, by making enterprise-grade sales tools easily available and a pleasure to use. Our people are committed to fostering sales nirvana; to making a difference in people's lives by simplifying processes, improving user experience, and getting people up and running. One platform. Many use cases.

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