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Streamline your sales process with a single platform that enables you to configure, price, quote, order, bill, and collect payment for products and services.

Platform Overview

ScaleFluidly was built to address common industry problems involving product configuration complexity and pricing intricacies. It is not uncommon for businesses to encounter issues involving invalid or even unusable product bundles, along with pricing challenges involving a multitude of discounts and contractual agreements. Our deep industry expertise motivated us to create a platform that reinvents the commerce experience by simplifying the complexities that arise in the lead-to-revenue process. In the age of rapid information exchange, we aspire to provide a future-proof solution that elevates customer satisfaction and retention, empowering businesses to thrive in a constantly shifting marketplace.

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Composable Architecture

Composable Architecture

Introducing our cutting-edge composable architecture, designed to empower your business with unparalleled flexibility and customization options. Discover the true potential of your sales processes and transform the way you engage with customers while seamlessly integrating our solution driven ConfigureCX and PriceCX APIs.

Composable architecture is an innovative approach that transforms the process of business procurement and problem-solving. It can be viewed as a building block system that allows you to customize and enhance your existing software solution to meet specific needs. Just as Lego bricks can be combined to build all sorts of figures, different software components can be combined and added to your existing infrastructure to create tailored solutions to optimize sales operations.

Scale your business today with our individual component solutions built to enhance your sales stack and streamline operations, resulting in faster lead-to-revenue time and significant cost savings. By integrating our individually packaged solutions, such as ConfigureCX and PriceCX, into your existing software solution, you can shorten implementation time and sales cycles while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.

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Unparalleled Flexibility

Tailor product configurations and pricing strategies to meet the unique requirements of your customers. Bypass the limits of monolithic software and accurately plug in our modular components into your sales ecosystem.


Streamlined Integration Process

Skip the training and get right to selling. Minimize disruptions and reduce implementation time by adopting a composable approach, allowing your business to quickly leverage our powerful APIs without making extensive modifications to existing infrastructure.


Future-Proof Solution

Prepare for uncertainties with an agile and flexible software architecture. As your company grows and evolves, our APIs will easily accommodate increasing demands, thereby providing you a cost-effective solution that eliminates the risk of outdated software capabilities.


Competitive Advantage

Maintain your advantage over the competition with highly customizable product configurations and dynamic pricing strategies proven across various industries. Attract customers seeking personalized solutions and improve existing customer loyalty and retention.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways


Personalized Product Configurations

Deliver highly personalized and customizable product configurations to meet the specific needs of customers and eliminate errors. Plug in our high-performance ConfigureCX engine into your sales ecosystem to alleviate product configuration challenges and improve operational efficiency.


Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Adapt to fluctuating market conditions and maximize profitability with dynamic and flexible pricing strategies. Integrate our PriceCX module into your existing pricing structure to eliminate hours of manual work and ultimately save valuable time and resources.


Seamless Integration

Accelerate time-to-market by ensuring a smooth integration with your existing sales architecture. Bolster your sales efficiency by preserving current processes while quickly experiencing the benefits of our innovative tools.


Scalability and Adaptability

Safeguard your future growth and ensure the resilience of your software ecosystem with flexible components designed to fit right into your sales stack. Meet the evolving needs of your customers and increase operational efficiency allowing you to scale as you grow.



Connect your preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with any of our software components to synchronize sales processes, streamline data management, and ensure a consistent workflow across multiple platforms within a few clicks. Maximize your team’s productivity and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly connect ScaleFluidly to the world's leading CRM platform. Leverage Salesforce's robust lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer engagement features while effortlessly synchronizing data with ScaleFluidly for optimized sales processes.

Integrate ScaleFluidly with Microsoft Dynamics to wield extensive functionality and connection to other Microsoft products. Combine the power of Dynamics' service capabilities and ScaleFluidly's tailored solutions to streamline your sales operations.

Integrate ScaleFluidly with Zoho CRM for a smooth user experience and extensive customization options. Combine Zoho's intuitive sales pipeline and marketing automation capabilities with ScaleFluidly's specialized CPQ solutions to optimize sales performance.

Connect ScaleFluidly with HubSpot CRM and integrate your sales processes with Hubspot's powerful marketing automation and customer engagement features. Merge the capabilities of these two platforms to deliver highly personalized solutions.

ERP Integrations

Integrate downstream with the industry-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) system trusted by businesses worldwide. Streamline operational processes such as order management, inventory control, and financial management by enabling end-to-end visibility.

CPQ Integrations

CPQ Integrations

Amplify the capabilities of Salesforce CPQ with our configuration and pricing solutions designed to seamlessly fit right on top. Build a comprehensive configure, price, and quote process by harnessing the power of ScaleFluidly and Salesforce CPQ.

Supercharge the configuration and pricing capabilities of SAP CPQ by seamlessly integrating ScaleFluidly's component solutions. Empower your sales team to deliver highly customized product configurations and pricing strategies and accelerate quote generation.

Enhance the power of Conga CPQ by connecting ScaleFluidly's high-performance configuration and pricing engines. Deliver tailored and personalized solutions to your customers and unlock a new level of customization and revenue growth.

Why Scalefluidly

Why ScaleFluidly

We prioritize front-end simplicity for the sales user and end customer. Our vast experience in CPQ and Quote-to-Cash processes motivated us to create a product that is more than just CPQ software, but a sales solution to increase your company's revenue and scale your business.

ScaleFluidly takes the guesswork out of product configuration and pricing, and lets you create beautiful, professional quote documents in a matter of minutes. The platform is built with sales teams in mind and provides the perfect blend of automation and collaboration to eliminate the busy work and allow your team to work together to close deals.

Now you can expedite implementation and swiftly enter the market with our advanced composable architecture. You have the flexibility to choose the specific component solutions that address your unique business needs. If your business aims to accelerate the lead-to-revenue cycle and scale sales operations, ScaleFluidly is your ideal solution.

Multichannel & Unified Commerce

A single platform that supports your sales channels natively—Inside Sales, Tier Partners, Distributors, E-Commerce, and even Marketplaces.

Consumer-Grade UX

Fast and clean UX, built from the bottom-up with a powerful rules engine.

Simple and easy to implement

Accelerates implementation go live to a few weeks with our dedicated customer experience team – even with complex pricing.

Simple. Scalable. Fluid.

We are fast to implement and easy to use – simply plug in your product data, configure your business rules, and start quoting with ease.

Have Questions?

Have questions?

Meet with a product expert and connect with us to learn how ScaleFluidly can help you make your next big move.

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